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And The Beet Goes On

And The Beet Goes On | Horseradish & Honey

And the beet goes on
Just like my love (everlasting)
And the beet goes on
Still growing strong (on and on)*

If you read my last harvest blog post, you probably picked up on my love of beets. I harvested a baker’s dozen today although one ended up in the compost pile because an animal had been nibbling on it. Along with the 15 I’ve already harvested, my total beet count for 2017 is now up to 27!

What to do with all the beets?

Most of the beets are hanging tight in storage.

I haven’t roasted or cooked any yet although I did add raw beets to last night’s salad. Yum! Raw beets taste sweet and earthy and crunchy so give them a try if you haven’t.

We’ll have out-of-town company this weekend and are having a bunch of people over for dinner Saturday. I think I’ll share a bunch of beets with them. (Sorry for what I did there—bunch of people, bunch of beets.)

I’m planning on making a beet salad with shallots and mint. I haven’t found a recipe, yet, so I’ll be creating one. If the beet salad comes together like I hope it will, I’ll be sure to share my recipe.

*With apologies to The Whispers for taking liberties with “And The Beat Goes On.”

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