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Three of My Favorite Things: Spring 2017

Happy Monday! I thought I’d share a few things I’m loving in the garden these days.

Three things I'm loving in the garden right now: seeding square, white hailstone radishes, and really old garden gloves.

1. Seeding Square

You probably know that I’m a fan of Square Foot Gardening for the raised beds but I’m not great at spacing things out. I tried using some homemade templates based on ideas I found on Pinterest and other garden blogs.

The homemade templates never worked as well as I hoped. I bought a Seeding Square on a whim a month ago and I’m actually loving it! It’s hard plastic, lays perfectly over the soil, includes a dibbler (and a small funnel that I don’t use), and speeds up the process of neatly sowing seeds. I didn’t need it but I’m glad I bought it!

2. White Hailstone radishes

Radishes = Spring. And these

And these White Hailstone radishes are some of the best around. They’re easy to grow and grow quickly like all radishes. They also have a mild flavor that John and I both love.

I’ve got four squares of Hailstone radishes growing at the moment (waited about 10 days between each square so we won’t have radish overload!)—should be harvesting the first square in the next week. Can’t wait!

3. Really old garden gloves

I love these Digz gloves. I have two old pairs, both of which I bought at our local Ace Hardware. They’re lightweight (which is important when you’re gardening in Cincinnati in August), have leather palms, and fit great. I have a few other pairs of gloves but Digz are my all-time favorites!

The title of this blog post should really be “Three of My Current Favorite Things, Subject to Change Later Today” but that’s a little lengthy!

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