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Refrigerator Pickled Green Tomatoes

I realize it’s early in the season to be worried about what to do with green tomatoes. However, we had a round of storms recently that caused some damage to my tomato plants.

I had to prune a few tomato branches and, instead of pitching the green tomatoes in the compost pile, I decided to make a jar of refrigerator pickled green tomatoes earlier than usual.

Because YUM!

And I LOVE PICKLES (sorry for shouting again but I really, really, really LOVE pickles).

I’ve used this recipe from Amazingribs.com for the past few years and it never lets me down. The only change I make is to use a whole jalapeño pepper, cut in half, instead of the serrano. If you don’t like spicy, leave the pepper out.

It only takes a few minutes to make two pints (or one quart). Honestly, waiting the 1 – 2 weeks for the pickles to be ready is the hardest part of this recipe.

Making Pickled Green Tomatoes | Horseradish & Honey

Ready to make pickled green tomatoes

Voila! Pickles are ready to go in the refrigerator and I’ll be digging in soon.

Pickled Green Tomatoes | Horseradish & Honey

The finished product!

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