Garden Musings

My Week In Pictures

Some of the week’s highlights.

1. Checked out The Pioneer Engineers Club tractor show in Rushville, Indiana with the husband. More interesting than you might think it would be!

Tractor Show | Horseradish & Honey

2. Fresh lima beans for dinner on Sunday.

Fresh Lima Beans | Horseradish & Honey

3. So many butterflies in the garden. Two of my favorite pictures from this week.

4. Found this acorn squash, which was a nice surprise because I thought all of my plants succumbed to the squash vine borers.

Surprise Acorn Squash | Horseradish & Honey

5. Spotted another Hummingbird Clearwing Moth. So fascinating. Did you see the video I posted last month?

Hummingbird Moth | Horseradish & Honey

6. Small shallot harvest. I planted just a few in the spring to make sure I’ll have enough to get through the winter. I’ll be planting more this fall and will harvest a lot more in the spring. Long way of explaining fall-planted shallots are generally more prolific than spring-planted ones for me.

Shallot Harvest | Horseradish & Honey

7. I’m so happy and fulfilled these days. Loving my gardening life AND loving my work life. Started a new office job this week in addition to my ongoing virtual assistant job. No complaints!

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