Garden Musings

My Journey…So Far

That was then

Let’s take a journey back to April 1, 2012. My husband (then boyfriend) and I had been growing vegetables in containers for the past couple of summers. However, my green thumb was itching for more. He decided to build up the area behind the koi pond, and I convinced him to build three raised beds for me. The only caveat? Planning, planting, and harvesting—and everything in between—would be up to me.

I was immediately hooked. Since I was no longer limited to container gardening, I began experimenting with different types of vegetables and different ways of growing them. Square foot gardening, vertical gardening, no-plan gardening (don’t recommend it)…the possibilities are endless.

Gardening, specifically organic gardening, is now my passion. Over the years, we’ve expanded the vegetable planting area, added a wildflower patch, created a new pollinator-friendly perennial garden, and the list goes on and on. I use no chemicals, start most of my seedlings in the basement, and embrace the violets, clover, and dandelions every spring. It may be nearing the end of 2016 in Cincinnati, but I’m already looking forward to gardening in 2017!

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