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Blooming Bog Bean

In addition to our lovely yard and garden, my husband and I also have a decent-sized koi pond. Right now, we have two big fish and a number of baby koi. We used to have six big fish but, over the last fall and winter, two died and two disappeared. Say what you want, but the fish have different “personalities” and, while I’m not exactly attached to them, it is sad when they die/disappear. Darcy, who was my favorite, is buried in the garden—NOT the vegetable garden—so he’s giving back in a way.

Blooming Bog Bean | Horseradish & Honey

Anyway, just like everything else outside, the koi pond starts waking up in the spring. The water warms up, the fish become more active, and the pond plants start growing. We have a variety of plants in the pond including mint, water lilies, lotuses, irises, parrot’s feather, and bog bean.

Bog bean (Menyanthes Trifoliata) is one of my favorites. It’s easy to grow, low maintenance, and filters the water. Its delicate blossoms are also usually a sign that long stretches of cold weather are over. I’m always looking for signs that winter is over!

Want to Learn More?

The Missouri Botancial Garden provides a good overview of bog bean. According to WebMd, bog bean can also be used medicinally. I was a bit surprised to find that out!

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