Garden Musings

My Week In Pictures

Some of the week’s highlights.

1. Spring-planted shallots are just about ready. How do I know? The greens have started to dry up and fall over. Every year, I get enough shallots to last through fall, winter, and spring cooking while saving enough bulbs to replant.

Shallots...Almost Ready | Horseradish & Honey

2. Caught this monarch taking a rest on our lilac.

Monarch Resting on Lilac | Horseradish & Honey

3. Bees and zinnias…one of my favorite combinations!

Bees and Zinnias | Horseradish & Honey

4. Love these water lilies blooming in the koi pond.

Koi Pond Blooms | Horseradish & Honey

5. Goldfinches and safflowers. I stalked and stalked and stalked to get these pictures. They’re most definitely anti-paparazzi birds!

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