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Highlights of My Hope Springs Getaway

Hope Springs Institute Meadow in May

Hope Springs Meadow in May

Have you heard of Hope Springs Institute in Adams County? It’s a wonderful retreat center that offers all type of programs. I’ve been going to the Women’s Winter Retreat, which is in early December, semi-regularly for the past 7 or 8 years. It’s a lovely place to be in December—the land is beautiful if a bit barren. But that’s early winter in Ohio!

I was fortunate enough to attend a program in early May this year. I’d only been to Hope Springs once before at this time of year, and what a difference! Green everywhere, birds singings, butterflies and moths flitting around, flowers blooming…basically a small piece of heaven less than 2 hours away from home!

Although I didn’t have much free time, I did take a walk in the meadow one afternoon. It was cold for May and there’s wasn’t a lot of pollinator activity but it was still gorgeous.

Following are some highlights of what I saw.

Eight-spotted Forester Moth

Eight-spotted Forester moth spotted at Hope Springs Institute in Ohio

Eight-spotted Forester Moth

This moth was new to me. I tried identifying it on my own but was not successful. So, I emailed the picture to my friend Kelly (of Red and the Peanut) and she knew what it was right away.

Yes…I know it. The fuzzy orange legs give it a way. It’s a day-flying moth….you can tell that by the fuzzy tips of the antenna. It’s an Eight-spotted Forester (Alypia octomaculata).

Karner Blue Butterfly

Karner blue butterfly. Photo taken at Hope Springs Institute i Ohio.

Karner Blue Butterfly

I’m relatively sure I identified this one correctly. What a pretty, petite butterfly!

Butterweed or Golden Ragwort or Butterweed?

I thought I identified this correctly as Butterweed, then I decided it’s Golden Ragwort, and went back to Butterweed. But…the more I study it, and other pictures I took, the less I’m sure. What do you think?


Picture of Fleabane in a field. Taken at Hope Springs Institute in Ohio.

Philadelphia Fleabane

Philadelphia Fleabane may be a common wildflower but it’s so pretty. Notice the tiny pollinator coming in for a landing?

Want to Learn More?

  • The Eight-spotted Forester moth is often mistaken for a butterfly. Now I know to look for the puffy orange knees, too.
  • The Karner blue has an interesting history in Ohio. Unfortunately, it’s also on the endangered list.
  • Finally, learn more about Hope Springs.

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