Garden Musings

Happy Monday! The Garden is Waking Up

Happy Monday! It was a glorious, sunshine-filled morning here in Cincinnati. We’re supposed to get more rain this evening but that doesn’t matter because the garden is waking up! The birds are louder, the sun is brighter, and there is green everywhere I look.

Taz and I spent some time wandering around the backyard this morning. The koi were full on sunbathing and seemed as happy as fish can be. Beets are finally popping up, as are peas and favas. I may have planted the favas too late but time will tell. Either way, it’s always fun to try growing something new.

One of the raised beds is almost ready to go; I just want to add some compost to it. Kohl rabi and broccoli raab seedlings will go in it, and I’ll sow some radishes and spinach too.

I’m trying to take baby steps and get a little done each day. Sort of ironic because I’m not working right now so I wasn’t expecting to feel like I’m behind!

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