Bird on a Wire

Err, maybe that should be hawk on a trellis?

I was in the middle of getting dressed (TMI, ha ha) the other day and glanced out the window. What did I see? This gorgeous red-shouldered hawk hanging out on the trellis.

Red-shouldered hawk on trellis in my garden, Horseradish & Honey Blag

So, I grabbed my camera and ran out onto the deck to take some pictures. I may or may not have had time to put on pants (now that’s really TMI). Thankfully our deck is relatively secluded.

Check out the gorgeous colors. It’s like the hawk and Mother Nature coordinated a fall photo shoot!

Close Up of Red-Shouldered Hawk on Trellis, Horseradish & Honey blog
Red-shouldered hawk looking back, Horseradish & Honey blog

Red-shouldered hawks live in Ohio year-round. From what I’ve read about these hawks, they aren’t as common as they used to be. This is mainly due to deforestation.

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