September Buzz

Autumn has caught us in our summer wear.
–Philip Larkin, British poet (192286)

One word to describe September? Hot! And dry. 

So, that’s three words.

But it was hot and dry this month. I’m not complaining, though, because all the tomatoes finally started growing like crazy and I’ve been harvesting lots of them.

Not just the cherry tomatoes, which have done well all season, but also the Roma, Ace 55, and other large tomatoes. They took their time but it was worth it…BLTs have been amazing and I’ve also made a few batches of freezer-friendly roasted tomato sauce because it was just too darn hot to can in my small kitchen. I’ve also been making refrigerator pickled green tomatoes because they’re super easy and super tasty!

September harvest includes lima beans, tomatillos, red and green tomatoes
September harvest

In other garden news, we’re now growing butterfly weed, tropical milkweed, common milkweed, swamp milkweed, and whorled milkweed in the garden (including the rental house we own next door). I’m thankful that my husband appreciates my dedication (i.e., obsession) when it comes to the monarchs and all pollinators and has helped me create a garden to support them.

Imagine my surprise, awe, and delight when I spotted a Monarch chrysalis in the garden recently. Made my day and month, and maybe even my year. As much as I appreciate everything I get to see and experience in the garden, spotting this chrysalis continues to amaze me.

I was weeding in the September heat, and may have been grumbling about it but I was determined to finish up. I looked up and there it was. It took my breath away and was honestly a sacred moment in my life. Just so unexpected and perfect.

Monarch chrysalis
Monarch chrysalis

What I’m…

Harvesting: Tomatoes, lima beans, pole beans, cowpeas, tomatillos, hot peppers, and basil.

Making: Tomatillo salsa. Bombdiggity!

Reading: This article about half a million honey bees dying in Brazil. My immediate, admittedly immature response is no shit, Sherlock. I mean, seriously, what would they expect?

Wanting: A Mortier Pilon glass fermentation crock. Certainly don’t need it but would look so cool on the kitchen counter!

Looking Forward to: Seeing a monarch emerge from the chrysalis…if I’m lucky enough to be there. If I’m not, I’ll at least know that it happened.

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