Signs of Spring

April has remained on the cool side. And that’s being nice…really, it has been cold. Like hard frosts and snow cold. Regardless of the unexpected weather, there are signs of spring everywhere in the garden.

I have no doubt that, in a month from now, the cold days of spring will be long over and long forgotten.

Bird's nest in pine tree | Horseradish & Honey blog
Do you see what I see? Look carefully – there’s a nest hidden in the branches.


Lilac leafing out | Horseradish & Honey blog
Can’t wait for our lilac to bloom!


Dandelion blooming in gravel driveway | Horseradish & Honey blog
Dandelions are blooming in the yard…and in our gravel driveway.


Buckeye tree budding out | Horseradish & Honey blog
Love the buds on our Ohio buckeye tree! Bees and hummingbirds all love this tree once it flowers.


Bright green horseradish leaves | Horseradish & Honey blog
Bright green horseradish leaves – may sneak some of these into a spring salad.


Taz in the tall grass | Horseradish & Honey blog
Best garden buddy ever!
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