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My Week In Pictures

Some of the week’s highlights.

1. Spring-planted shallots are just about ready. How do I know? The greens have started to dry up and fall over. Every year, I get enough shallots to last through fall, winter, and spring cooking while saving enough bulbs to replant.

Shallots...Almost Ready | Horseradish & Honey

2. Caught this monarch taking a rest on our lilac.

Monarch Resting on Lilac | Horseradish & Honey

3. Bees and zinnias…one of my favorite combinations!

Bees and Zinnias | Horseradish & Honey

4. Love these water lilies blooming in the koi pond.

Koi Pond Blooms | Horseradish & Honey

5. Goldfinches and safflowers. I stalked and stalked and stalked to get these pictures. They’re most definitely anti-paparazzi birds!

Wordless Wednesday: Lovely Dill

Blooming Dill | Horseradish & Honey

Blooming dill…reminds me of fireworks

My Week In Pictures

Some of the week’s highlights.

1. I never get tired of spotting butterflies in the garden.

2. My favorite gardening buddy.

Taz Gardening Buddy | Horseradish & Honey

3. Potato plants get ugly before the potatoes are ready for harvesting.

Fingerling Potato Plants Before Harvest | Horseradish & Honey

4. I’m not just about vegetables—I like and grow flowers, too.

Flowers From The Garden | Horseradish & Honey

5. First year growing Bianca borage. Flowers later than regular borage—nice to have fresh blooms for the bees.

Bianca Borage Flower | Horseradish & Honey

6. I never get tired of spotting ladybugs hiding under squash leaves either.

Ladybug Hiding Under Squash Leave | Horseradish & Honey

Refrigerator Pickled Green Tomatoes

I realize it’s early in the season to be worried about what to do with green tomatoes. However, we had a round of storms recently that caused some damage to my tomato plants.

I had to prune a few tomato branches and, instead of pitching the green tomatoes in the compost pile, I decided to make a jar of refrigerator pickled green tomatoes earlier than usual.

Because YUM!

And I LOVE PICKLES (sorry for shouting again but I really, really, really LOVE pickles).

I’ve used this recipe from for the past few years and it never lets me down. The only change I make is to use a whole jalapeño pepper, cut in half, instead of the serrano. If you don’t like spicy, leave the pepper out.

It only takes a few minutes to make two pints (or one quart). Honestly, waiting the 1 – 2 weeks for the pickles to be ready is the hardest part of this recipe.

Making Pickled Green Tomatoes | Horseradish & Honey

Ready to make pickled green tomatoes

Voila! Pickles are ready to go in the refrigerator and I’ll be digging in soon.

Pickled Green Tomatoes | Horseradish & Honey

The finished product!

Wordless Wednesday: Bee and Squash Blossom Videos

(From Instagram)

My Week in Pictures

Some of the week’s highlights.

1. Lots of rain. Mostly overnight and early morning so the garden wasn’t too waterlogged.Lots of Rain This Week | Horseradish & Honey
2. I was worried about the peppers because of the rain but they seem to be growing well. Especially the Corno di Toro (aka bull’s horn) peppers. New to me this year—can’t wait to try them!Corno di Toro Pepper | Horseradish & Honey
3. Anticipation! I planted cucumbers late this year in hopes of discouraging the cucumber beetles. Seems to have worked but the wait is killing me. These cucumbers look like they’ll be ready for harvesting soon.
Cucumbers "This" Close | Horseradish & Honey
4. More anticipation! First tiny lima beans spotted. Have a ways to go until they’re ready to harvest. Definitely a labor of love (have you ever shelled lima beans??) but there is almost nothing better than a fresh lima!
Lima Beans Growing! | Horseradish & Honey
5. I may have spent 20 minutes (or more) standing in the garden with the sun beating down on me but so worth it. Watched this bee work and work and work and finally emerge from the squash flower covered in pollen. Pollen-Covered Bee | Horseradish & Honey

And a close up…Close Up of Pollen-Covered Bee | Horseradish & Honey

Friday Fave: Hummingbird Moth

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you missed this Hummingbird Moth video that I posted Wednesday. I had just finished garden chores for the morning and was heading inside but stopped at our koi pond to have a look at the fish when something caught my eye.

Lo and behold—it was a Hummingbird Moth!

More specifically, this is a Hummingbird Clearwing Moth. It’s one of the few moths that you’ll find flying during the day.

Are they cool or what?

Learn More

Boogie Down

Although my video has the soothing sounds of our koi pond’s waterfall in the background, I find myself singing “Fantastic Voyage” when viewing the video. Because that Hummingbird Moth is most definitely on a Fantastic Voyage!

Wordless Wednesday: Volunteer Zinnias

Volunteer Zinnias | Horseradish & Honey

Volunteer zinnias…bonus after a mild winter!

Butterfly Bonanaza

Butterfly bonanza in the garden this past weekend! Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, another Monarch, Red Admiral, and a Zebra Swallowtail.

Monarch Butterfly on Lantana Flower | Horseradish & Honey

Monarch Butterfly on Lantana

Red Admiral Butterfly | Horseradish & Honey

Red Admiral Butterfly on Butterfly Bush

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail on Zinnia | Horseradish & Honey

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail on Zinnia

Zebra Swallowtail on Zinnia | Horseradish & Honey

Zebra Swallowtail on Zinnia

My Week In Pictures

Some of the week’s highlights.

1. Green beans, tomatoes, and squash. Love this time of year—healthy eating and not a lot of grocery store shopping.

2. Spotted this beauty in the garden.

3. Summertime and the cooking is simple. Love this beet salad with mint.

Simple Beet Salad With Mint | Horseradish & Honey

4. Have some radishes! Added the small ones to last night’s dinner salad and pickled the rest.

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