How to (Re)Build a Raspberry Trellis

Last year, we moved our raspberries to what ended up being the worst spot in the yard. Why the worst spot? There was an imperceptible dip in the yard, which stayed soggy and didn’t become evident until most of the canes died. Raspberries won’t tolerate wet soil for long—we learned that lesson the hard way!

A few of the raspberries flourished, though, and we did get a decent raspberry harvest. But I knew we needed to fix the situation.

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Blooming Bog Bean

In addition to our lovely yard and garden, my husband and I also have a decent-sized koi pond. Right now, we have two big fish and a number of baby koi. We used to have six big fish but, over the last fall and winter, two died and two disappeared. Say what you want, but the fish have different “personalities” and, while I’m not exactly attached to them, it is sad when they die/disappear. Darcy, who was my favorite, is buried in the garden—NOT the vegetable garden—so he’s giving back in a way.

Blooming Bog Bean | Horseradish & Honey

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