Let’s Get It Started: 5 Must Haves for Seed Starting

March is fast approaching, which means it’s seed starting time here in Cincinnati. I like to start plants from seed whenever possible because it’s fun and economical. It also allows me to grow different varieties, such as Renee’s Garden Climbing Summer Squash, which I can’t find at local nurseries. (By the way, it’s delicious, grows like crazy, and wasn’t bothered by squash bugs at all last summer. It’s also a great conversation starter!)

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February 2017 Goals

February 2017 Goals | Horseradish & Honey
Hard to believe it’s the first full week of February. Maybe the fact that it was close to 60° in Cincinnati today has something to do with it!

This beautiful and warm weather definitely doesn’t help with my case of spring fever. I know it’s way too early to start gardening outside, but I do love heading outside to see what’s going on—crocuses are blooming, that parsley is still growing through its mulch of leaves, some buds are forming on trees, and the pond plants are even starting to show signs of growth.

While I patiently wait for spring to arrive, I’m hoping to accomplish the following 4 goals this month. Goals 2 and 3 are ongoing, though, so I’m not setting a deadline for them.

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Here Comes (Meteorological) Spring!

Happy February! January certainly flew by for me. I managed to get my seeds organized and started an online tracking system using Google Sheets. I also started some microgreens, which died last week because I forgot to water them for two days(!!), and have spinach and lettuce growing in my hydroponics system. While we’ve had mild weather in Cincinnati, and crocuses are just starting to peek through, I’m sure Mother Nature isn’t quite done with winter and we still have a ways to go until the official start of spring on March 20.

Crocuses just peeking through
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