Peter, Peter, Peter: The Song of a Tufted Titmouse

I was outside early this morning, cleaning and filling up the bird feeders. Suddenly, the quiet was interrupted by “Peter, Peter, Peter.” I paused and looked around. While I didn’t spot the bird, I knew there was a Tufted Titmouse nearby.

I think birding and gardening go together, although I’m a much better gardener than birder! My good friend Kelly, who blogs at Red and The Peanut is a birder extraordinaire—she knows more about birds and nature than I ever will, and she has patiently taught me most everything I know about birding, including how to recognize a handful of birds by their songs.

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2017 Garden Goals

Unlike some, my New Year’s excitement usually centers around the garden. December is a quiet month in my Cincinnati garden. If I’m lucky, I may still be harvesting radishes or some hardy greens. However, I usually put the raised beds to rest by the end of November and let Mother Nature do her thing over the winter.

January is a perfect time to review what did or didn’t go so well over the last year and start planning for the upcoming growing season. Following are my high-level goals for 2017. I’ll also be sharing monthly to dos and goals throughout the year.

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